"Steven is an ambitious and driven individual who continuously strives to go above and beyond the call of duty [...] sincere, gifted and committed [...] his intelligence, independence and social consciousness bring to the table an awareness that I believe will be an asset to any organisation. His communication skills are of high order. He will succeed. He comes with my complete support."

Peter Corrigan A.M. RAIA Gold Medal Architect


"So acutely aware of social justice issues, I admire [...] how passionate your search for change is. You are already a great architect. Never stop."

Tessa F.


"Steven is a conscientious and resilient individual whose intellectual curiosity is a valued asset [...] His imagination and creativity shines through in his designs."

R. McBride


"Thank you for all your hard work [...] for your great sense of humour and putting up with my [...] bursts of absurdity, swearing, general loudness and occasional need to break into dance."

Jamie M.


"I have no doubt that Alter Atlas will be one of the most wonderful things to come out of the architecture world; with the most competent and driven architect I have ever met steering it towards bright futures."

Amy F.


"I can feel your enthusiasm particularly for the future. It would surprise me if you didn’t produce something to raise eyebrows."

R. Feldmann