Applications to join the office are accepted via post or email. We are continuously searching for remarkable people who can work in a team where we have great respect for one another. All candidates are evaluated and we do use our archive actively. We are unable to reply to all applicants or return hard copy submissions. We will contact you if we want to call you in for an interview.


Application Process

Please email your application to

Your application should include the following documents:

1. A cover letter illustrating your motivation to work with Alter Atlas.

2. A complete resume including a short bio of you. We are interested in your values, who or what inspired you or what shaped you into who you are today.

3. Examples of your work, particularly projects that reflect who you are, what you believe in and other projects that showcase your skills. Please keep file size below 10MB.

4. Letters of Recommendation

If you prefer to send your application by post please send only printed portfolios to our office address.