Alter Atlas

The Abstract Machine of the Observer

"...the occultation of production by means of the outward appearance of the product...this outer appearance can lay claim to the status of being. Its perfection is at the same time the perfection of the illusion that the work of art is a reality sui generis that constitutes itself in the realm of the absolute without having to renounce its claim to image the world."  Theodor Adorno, In Search of Wagner, trans. Rodney Livingstone, London, Verso, 1981, p. 85.

The Abstract Machine of the Observer is a project that aims to reconfigure relations between a human observer and modes of representation that nullifies most of the culturally established meanings for the terms description and representation. An experimental rule-based process was choreographed based on a three-part manifesto and research on contemporary learning environments.

For its inherent qualities in circulation and having a hub-like impact on an urban scale, the Berlin Olympic Stadium was transformed through a rule-based experiment into the new RMIT School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering in Bundoora, revealing new and lively possibilities for learning environments in the 21st Century. 

Scope - Concept Design

Scale - 9,700 sqm

Location - RMIT Bundoora West Campus, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia

Program - RMIT School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.